Pine Starr Ranch - Horse Lessons & Training

Lesson Rates

~~~~~Gift Certificates Available~~~~~



Lessons are available for beginner to intermediate riders.The hour of riding starts when your in the saddle. We ask you please come 15-20 minutes before your lesson to catch, groom, and tack up the horse. This can vary depending on the hour you have your lesson.

During the lesson the horse is the students responsibility; though we are always around to watch, guide and help. We believe they need to do things on their own, when they are ready to. Responsibility also includes them taking care of all of the tack and equipment they use.Responsibility is the best way to teach!

Safety is key, with fun following close behind. We choose to go at the students pace, when they are ready to step up is when we will. Pushing students is not the way to go. You lose safety, you lose fun, instead you get scared. Which is not what we wish.

We do have 2  lesson horses available, but you are always welcome to haul in with your own horse too. 

~Restriction with bringing in your own horse, is that it must be up to date on all vaccines. And you must provide all tack~

Please wear a boot with at least a one inch heel, and an ASTM/SEI helmet. We do have helmets available for use. We also suggest wearing riding gloves, and please dress appropriately, we understand in warmer months you dont wish to wear jeans and closed toed shoes. But if you are riding you must wear jeans and boots, and if you are going to be around the horses we ask you wear closed toed shoes.

Lesson prices are as follows, all lessons are an hour long, longer if wished.

Private - $25 a lesson
With private lessons it is you and the instructor, which makes it so we can focus on solely you.

Group - $20 a lesson
Max of 2 riders to a group lesson, all get equal amount of time to work on their skills.

Questions are always welcome! There is no such thing as a stupid question. We prefer questions being asked so you can understand what you are doing and why, instead of being confused.

*Lesson Horses*

 Belle is our main lesson horse.. She is a 13 year old arabian mare. She has proven to be an incredible beginner rider horse, she is very mellow while the kid is learning how to ride. Belle loves to be groomed, which is perfect as proper grooming is a huge part in riding. She also is a goober for treats, peppermints, carrots, apples, actual horse treats, and even froot loops... Belle loves kids, which is why she is proving to be a crowd favorite!



May is a 10 year old quarter horse mare, broke to ride in many western events. Currently may has a filly at her side and will not be used till that filly is weaned.